Height adjustable worktops are praised in new research

The Technical University of Darmstadt recently published a report indicating that adjustable kitchen worktops can significantly improve the comfort and ergonomic situation for users of different heights. Specifically, the report researched:
Is a height adjustable kitchen suitable to compensate for size differences between users?

Is a height adjustable kitchen suitable to compensate for height differentials for different activities such as cutting, washing, stirring?
To shed light on these questions, the researchers made both a theoretical and a practical study. The theoretical study ran simulations with a standard size of a very small German woman and a very tall German man – simply for comparison of the extreme. This part of the research cemented the need for having different working heights in a kitchen.

Ideal body posture to ensure correct ergonomics

The practical part of the study involved 59 volunteers, who prepared a salad at a cooking island with an electrically adjustable worktop. By doing so, they had to cut, rinse and wash, and thereby exploring different working activities in a kitchen.

The results were that 76 percent of the volunteers were inclined to buy a height adjustable kitchen for their own household. Moreover, 72 percent of the respondents shared their kitchen with at least one more person, which also indicates that adjustability is particularly relevant to them.

In conclusion, a height adjustable kitchen can help improve your posture at various activities and make a kitchen comfortable as well as ergonomically correct for several persons while they perform multiple activities.

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