BAJL - Battery Pack Li-ion

Developed especially for patient lifts, LINAK proudly presents the newBAJL Li-Ion battery. Compared to Lead-acid technology, the battery lifetime is 5 times longer and it is a cost effective solution with savings up to 40% over the battery life time.

Danfoss Telematics Solutions drive efficiency, profit
Danfoss has introduced Danfoss Telematics Solutions, a robust “plug-and-perform” telematics platform for mobile off-highway equipment. Available for new machines and existing fleet retrofits, 


Danfoss releases exciting new options for Reverse Displacement Motor
Danfoss has introduced new, valuable options for its innovative Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM). The expanded RDM option portfolio increases both functionality and customer value.


Danfoss Functional Safety Solution simplifies safety certification
Danfoss introduces a new Functional Safety Solution, a complete functional safety package that greatly simplifies safety certification efforts for off-highway original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Danfoss Functional Safety Solution saves OEMs time, cost and engineering effort throughout the process of building functional-safety certified equipment.


LINAK Desk Control, now with new languages

LINAK® Desk Control™ is a software that reminds you to stand up. With a mouse click, it enables you either to count the time/minutes or the calories burnt while standing. This way, the end-user of the desk can set up his/her personal goals, which will increase the end-user’s motivation and use of the height adjustable desk. So basically, the software encourages you to implement movement into your workday.

COBO – New interface box keeps the application mobile

LINAK offers a new interface box specially developed for use with the JUMBO battery pack and the CU20 control unit. This system is the right choice for mobile applications that need battery capacity, such as trolleys or stretchers.

New Addition To The Electronic Brake Control System

The LINAK Electronic Brake Control System is now available with a new 3rd party supplier of castors.
The Electronic Brake Control System decreases the risk of patient falls and improves ergonomics for the benefit of caregivers.