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At LINAK, we have been producing electric linear actuator solutions for more than 30 years. Due to environmental issues, CSR policies and an increasing demand for

LINAK world-class production

Have you ever thought about how an electric actuator is made? Now you have the chance to see it.

Another Baselift concept receives an award

For several months, LINAK and You Cuisine et Bains collaborated on “project evolutif” (project evolutionary). As the title indicates this project was about being evolutionary, which became apparent in the effort to meet the new trends and market demands such as ergonomics and comfort.

How do you bring movement into the kitchen?

Baselift is an innovative solution that brings movement into the kitchen.

We have created a small video for you. A video that gives you a quick overview of the Baselift product and why it is important to have movement in the kitchen.

BAJL - Battery Pack Li-ion

Developed especially for patient lifts, LINAK proudly presents the newBAJL Li-Ion battery. Compared to Lead-acid technology, the battery lifetime is 5 times longer and it is a cost effective solution with savings up to 40% over the battery life time.

LINAK Desk Control, now with new languages

LINAK® Desk Control™ is a software that reminds you to stand up. With a mouse click, it enables you either to count the time/minutes or the calories burnt while standing. This way, the end-user of the desk can set up his/her personal goals, which will increase the end-user’s motivation and use of the height adjustable desk. So basically, the software encourages you to implement movement into your workday.